From Scraps to Soil: My Experience with London’s Urban Composting Movement

Urban Composting
April 25, 2024 0 Comments 0 tags

Amidst London’s bustling streets, a quiet revolution is taking root that’s transforming kitchen scraps into rich, life-giving soil. It’s the urban composting movement, and it’s changing the way we think about waste. Here’s my journey into the world of composting in the heart of our city.  The Spark of Interest  My curiosity about composting began […]

Breaking Down Barriers: My Day Inside a London Electronic Waste Facility

E Waste Facility
April 19, 2024 0 Comments 0 tags

In the heart of London, behind the scenes of our tech-savvy lifestyle, lies a facility that stands as the city’s response to the growing issue of electronic waste (e-waste). I spent a day at one of these facilities in Greenwich, and it profoundly changed my understanding of what happens to our discarded gadgets. Discovering the […]